Email marketing and its benefits

As the name goes, email marketing is a marketing strategy targeting potential group of consumers sending the promotional messages, updates on products and offers, and more through emails, in order to drive sales, provide the necessary information, persuasion and/or increase the loyalty of the consumer towards the company’s products or services.

It serves as a key digital marketing strategy reaching out to most people and thus generating profits significantly higher than the actual initial investment.

With the increasing pace of digitalization all over the world, it becomes the most efficient way of reaching out to more and more people. By direct communication to a contact’s email inbox, it provides a unique opportunity to be present in their day to day lives.

Given the times we are currently into, the time of COVID-19 pandemic, it has widely gained acceptance to be deployed on a very wide scale.

A look at the global statistics suggests that by 2023, there will be an estimated 4.3 billion global email users and that gives the image of why is it so important for the companies to start looking at it.